Ken Kellner

Ken Kellner, academic technology teacher, Richmond Va. has created this to site to promote the use of Skype in classrooms across the globe.


17 Responses to “Ken Kellner”

  1. teresag70 Says:

    I am a library media specialist for K-4 and would love to be involved with connecting to other classrooms or libraries…

  2. Leah ONeal Says:

    I teach Spanish Grades 3-5 and am interested in skyping with other Spanish speakers. My skpe name is leah.oneal My e-mail address is Please contact me if you are interested.

  3. loan money Says:

    @Abigail, you look like you know what you are talking about. Do you mind sending me your email address? I would like to talk more with you.

  4. Timmy Leynes Says:

    Thank you for this. I have been studding this and I could not comprehend many things until I got that video professor CD ( link: ) With a combination of sites like this and the video tutorials form the bald guy (lol) I was up and running in no time.

  5. Chris Says:

    I am interesting in doing something with 5th or 6th graders in science. 6th graders are currently doing chemistry and matter. 5th graders are starting a unit on life and ecosystems. Can anyone help?

  6. Mary Fran Lynch Says:

    Have you thought of using a Google Form and giving everyone access to it? It might be easier than reading through all the comments.

    Thanks so much for organizing this. I’m looking forward to having a Skype connection in my class next school year.


  7. debra herbert Says:

    Hi Ken,
    I entered my skype address information wrong. How can I changed it? My address should be debdteacher1

  8. Jane Says:

    I teach 3rd grade in Suwon, South Korea, and would be interested in Skyping with another class anywhere in the world.
    My Skype address: tdflame

  9. stuart epps Says:

    hi there KEN
    great work
    what about

  10. Hank. mixsell Says:

    Ken, My name is Hank Mixsell (pronounced “mike-sullivan”). I am teaching Spanish 1&2 to girls in an all-girl middle and boardIng and day school (Stoneleigh-BurnhaM School – in Greenfield, Mass. I have been teaching Spanish I since 1969 and have travelled to San Miguel de Allende with students almost every Summer since 2000. I have skyped with students in SMA and with a friend who works for the State Dept in Monterrey and would love to try a session with you. We’re on vacation right now -am flying to California in the morning – but would be interested to know when we might talk, either by computer or Skype, about the possibility. Give me an email at

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